M Financial Group is a nationwide network of financial services firms that work with selected life insurance companies to develop proprietary, competitively priced financial products for the high net worth markets. Coyle Company CEO, David Coyle, served on M’s Board of Directors from 2007 through 2014.

The Coyle Company’s affiliation with M Financial began in 1991. Today, M Financial’s in-force business carries tremendous leverage with insurance carriers, enabling The Coyle Company to offer tailored products at remarkable cost savings to our clients.

Because The Coyle Company is a shareholder in M Financial, our vision and our clients’ interests are represented by one of the most influential distribution networks for financial products and services in the wealth transfer market. We are proud to provide our clients the wealth transfer products, pricing and due care advantages that our affiliation with M Financial offers.

M Firms must adhere to a strict set of ethical, experience and quality requirements which ensure that clients receive optimal benefits. For more information on M Financial Group, please visit www.mfin.com.